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May News

BAI is continually releasing new courses. Recent courses released include topics on small business lending and cybersecurity. The updated courses provide high-quality content in a format compatible with both desktops and tablets. The 10 most recently released courses include:

  • 4070 – Regulation Z: Adjustable-Rate Mortgages [Mini-Course]
  • 30422 – Regulation Z: Open-End Credit Disclosures
  • 34022 – Regulation Z: HPMLs and The Escrow Rule
  • 30361 – Email Security for Financial Institutions
  • 31490 – HOEPA Loan Fundamentals
  • 80500 – Cryptocurrency for Financial Institutions: Understanding the Basics LIL
  • 4092 – BSA and ACH: Detecting and Preventing Wire Fraud [Mini-Course]
  • 4231 – Russia Sanctions and Red Flags [Mini-Course]
  • 30362 – Password Security for Financial Institutions
  • 30416 – Regulation M: Covered Leases, Disclosures, and the Three-Payment Rule

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BAI is continually releasing new documents & resources –  key content such as topic overviews, checklists, red flags, whitepapers, videos, and popular job aids. The 10 most recently released documents include:

  • 1831 – Buy Now, Pay Later Is Here To Stay [Article] LIL
  • 1848 – Driving Loyalty with a Robust Mobile Banking App [Article] LIL
  • 1850 – Personalized, Mobile-First Banking at Scale [Article] LIL
  • 1826 – Why Banks Should Provide Payment Services to SMBs [Article] LIL
  • 1827 – 4 Questions To Ask For Bank-Fintech Partnership Success [Article] LIL
  • 1829 – Creating a Digital Path to a Compelling CX [Article] LIL
  • 1752 – The Main Street Lending Program for Small Business Lending [Overview]
  • 1137 – Cybersecurity: Securing Mobile Devices [Video]
  • 1135 – Cybersecurity: Phishing and Social Engineering [Video]
  • 1136 – Cybersecurity: Social Media Security [Video]

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Cybersecurity: Creating a culture of cyber-safety at financial institutions  June 16, 2022

Discover what’s new in cyber threats and regulation. Explore the need to create and sustain a culture of cyber-safety. Learn to take advantage of tech advances to enhance protections for your financial institution. All of this and more will be covered in the complimentary webinar

Find out what’s new and how BAI can improve your training program   May 12, 2022

This webinar provides an update on BAI’s recently released Small Business Lending courseware, newly released Mini-Courses and Documents, as well as an overview of our in-progress development efforts on Cybersecurity courseware. We also cover the success we are seeing organizations have with BAI’s new Documents functionality and Question Level Analytics reporting in the BAI Learning Manager. 

Compliance management in the current regulatory environment   May 5, 2022

The reality is that a compliance program costs money, and there’s no way to change that. The goal for every institution is the same; find a way to comply as economically as possible.

May 1, 2022

Agencies Approve Final Rule Requiring Computer-Security Incident Notification

Federal bank regulatory agencies today announced the approval of a final rule to improve the sharing of information about cyber incidents that may affect the U.S. banking system. The final rule requires a banking organization to notify its primary federal regulator of any significant computer-security incident as soon as possible and no later than 36 hours after the banking organization determines that a cyber incident has occurred. Notification is required for incidents that have materially affected—or are reasonably likely to materially affect—the viability of a banking organization’s operations, its ability to deliver banking products and services, or the stability of the financial sector.

Course Updates: (Released April 7, 2022)

4105B / 4105C / 4105M / 4105N – Cybersecurity Incident Notification Requirements

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New Cybersecurity Courses

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Cybersecurity is one of the biggest risks facing financial services providers today—and everyone within a financial institution has a role to play in keeping information systems and data safe. BAI’s recently refreshed cybersecurity courses cover current and emerging technologies and threats, as well as critical tactics for institutions and employees to stay ahead of ever-evolving scams.  See what BAI’s updated library of cybersecurity courses include:

Engaging Video

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Engaging video scenarios of situations that employees will recognize and relate to, helping them to retain key information and apply best practices


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A selection of mini-courses to provide succinct, targeted information to busy employees

Balanced Training

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Balanced focus on protecting both personal and work devices—because both are vectors for cybersecurity threats to financial institutions

Enhanced Accessibility

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Course design that optimizes accessibility, including screen-reader functionality, to reach all employees at your organization


  • 30304 – Cybersecurity: Computer Security Basics  (refresh of the current course)
  • 30360 – Cybercrime Essentials for Financial Institutions ­
  • 30365 – Internet Security Essentials for Financial Institutions
  • 4104 – Ransomware and Financial Institutions [Mini-Course]
  • 30305 – Cybersecurity: Phishing and Social Engineering
  • 30307 – Cybersecurity: Social Media Security
  • 30361 – Email Security for Financial Institutions
  • 30362 – Password Security for Financial Institutions
  • 4100 – Defense Against Social Engineering: Impersonation [Mini-Course]
  • 4101 – Defense Against Social Engineering: Phishing [Mini-Course]
  • 4102 – Defense Against Social Engineering: Pretexting [Mini-Course]
  • 4103 – Cybersecurity: Securing Mobile Devices [Mini-Course]
  • 4105 – Cybersecurity Incident Notification Requirements [Mini-Course]

BAI Documents & Resources

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BAI LMS now allows for better distribution of Custom Documents

Last fall, all BAI Learning Manager customers gained access to more than 200 BAI documents and resources in their portals. Then functionality was made available in the BAI Learning Manager giving you the ability to assign documents and track their views.

We are excited to announce that our newest functionality is available to make documents a fully supported content type in the BAI Learning Manager. This enables your learners to play, and you to track views of, custom: videos files, audio files, URLs and pdfs.

Additionally, this functionality offers the ability to integrate your custom policies into our catalog creating a centralized policy repository for your learners. Allowing them to quickly reference and save your organizational content important to their role.

New Small Business Lending Courses

New Courses Released!

The economic challenges facing small business will have implications for financial institutions well beyond the pandemic. BAI has developed a suite of courses to help employees in a small business lending role navigate the regulatory and practical challenges associated with serving this market segment.

Accessible and relevant, these courses feature timely topics, practical scenarios, and engaging audio and video.


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  • Introduction to Small Business Lending (32300)
  • SBA Loans for Small Business Lending (32301)
  • Building Relationships for Small Business Lending (32302)
  • Laws and Regulations for Small Business Lending (32303)
  • Assessing and Minimizing Risk for Small Business Lending (32304)
  • Loan Servicing for Small Business Lending (32305)
  • Introduction to Bankruptcy for Small Business Lending (32306)
  • The Paycheck Protection Program for Small Business Lending (32307)
  • The Main Street Lending Program for Small Business Lending (32308)
  • Loan Origination for Small Business Lending (32309)


Industry News

The CFPB has announced an initiative to crack down on what it terms “junk fees.” Particular areas of enforcement are overdraft fees and credit card late fees. While no new rules have been announced yet, the Bureau is seeking comment from the public about potential targets for new rules, such as fees that seem unfairly high. Small business owners, academics, and financial institutions are also encouraged to submit feedback.

The CFPB has announced that it will finally begin enforcing a procedural rule first passed in 2013 that grants it authority to supervise financial nonbanks that it reasonably believes “pose risks to consumers.” This is in addition to the authority it already has over nonbank lenders and certain other nonbanks of a sufficient size. Enforcing this procedural rule will allow the CFPB to quickly respond to fast-growing sectors of the financial industry that are not already explicitly covered by its authority.

Federal regulators have approved a final rule that will improve information-sharing about cybersecurity incidents that may affect the US banking system. The rule requires financial institutions to notify their primary regulators of any significant computer security incidents as soon as possible, and no later than 36 hours after the institution discovers the incident.

Resources from BAI.org

BAI Global Innovation Awards winners were recently announced, including awards for Innovation in Compliance & Risk Management & Innovation in Human Capital. Hummingbird received an honorable mention for their platform, a compliance CRM that includes Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) filing capabilities. The SARs organizations submit to their local Financial Intelligence Unit serve to inform law enforcement & support investigations into criminal activities.

Does your organization have the right structure in place to support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives that will truly make a difference? Recently completed BAI Banking Outlook research evaluates the state of the industry for what’s working and where the opportunities lie. But there is still more  to make greater impact.


As fraudsters find new ways to steal, financial institutions need new methods to combat the latest scams. BAI explores ways to stem the growth of banking-related fraud in our latest Executive Report, “Banks are pushing back against the surge in fraud.”


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