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BAI has launched three new role-based curricula that are specifically designed to save users 30% in training time. The Mortgage, Frontline, and Consumer Lending curricula each contain a collection of courses that are tailored toward specific job functions within your financial institution. The courses teach only the relevant information appropriate for each role and feature interactive challenges, relevant scenarios, and a mix of media.

Additional role-based curricula will be released soon and include: Executive and Board of Director Leadership, Sales Leadership, Compliance Officer, Mortgage Loan Servicing, Deposit Operations, and Commercial Banking.

BAI Learning Manager Rule Compliance Report

The Rule Compliance Report provides a high level view of your rule’s training progress, the ability to drill down to see specifics, and expanded exporting capabilities. It is great for auditors.


New HR and Empl30609-1oyment Law courses

BAI recently released a suite of 10 new human resource and employment law-related courses covering sexual harassment, workplace violence, the Americans with Disabilities Act, protected
characteristics, retaliation, and equal employment opportunity. These courses are designed for maximum efficiency and increased learner ROI and include scenarios, knowledge checks, and interactive content. A complete list of all BAI’s newly released courses can be found here.

30601 Race, LGBTQ, Religion, and Other Protected Characteristics30601-130602 Harassment for Supervisors30603 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)30606 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Comprehensive30607 The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Essentials30608 Eliminating Retaliation in the Workplace30601-2
30609 Sexual Harassment: Prevention and Response30610 Sexual Harassment: Supervisor Responsibilities30611 Conducting a Harassment Investigation30612 Workplace Violence

  • BAI’s Reimagined Courseware

    Featuring the latest learning design, such as role-based training, scenario-based questions, and a variety of interactive content, the role-specific curriculums help your learners reduce time spent on training by more than 30% -- providing just the training they need with greater efficiency.

  • NEW "Fifth Pillar" of BSA Compliance

    Recently, FinCEN introduced the “fifth pillar” of BSA compliance: Customer Due Diligence. Also known as the Beneficial Ownership requirement, we have updated several courses to reflect this new aspect of CIP requirements. These courses are: 30501 – BSA and AML: Comprehensive, 30502 – BSA and AML: Essentials, 20107 – CIP: Identity Verification and Compliance

Regulatory Spotlight: Cybersecurity

Securing consumers’ financial information is more important than ever; with news stories like the Equifax security breach occurring seemingly every month, consumers are concerned about how their personal information is handled, and financial institutions face significant reputational risk if they fall victim to a data breach.

Fortunately, BAI has several courses that teach financial institution employees how to safeguard consumer information and spot cybercriminals’ hacking attempts. They include, among many others:
30304 – Cybersecurity: Computer Security Basics
30305 – Cybersecurity: Phishing and Social Engineering
30306 – Cybersecurity: Securing Mobile Devices
30307 – Cybersecurity: Social Media Security
31310 – Understanding Privacy: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

Additionally, in the event of a worst-case scenario, course 20033BAS-Privacy Compliance Basics outlines the steps that an institution should take in the event of a data security breach.

Regulatory Spotlight: HMDA 

Looking for more information on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act? Explore our webinars, white papers, and courses for more details on how HMDA applies to your institution

HMDA, TRID, and More: Navigating Regulatory Change in Mortgage Lending
Preparing for Enhanced HMDA Data Collection Reporting

White Papers
The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act


30407B/C/M/N – HMDA: Enhanced Reporting Requirements

20391/C/M/N – HMDA: Basic Compliance

20390/C/M/N – HMDA: Basic Information

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