New Executive Leadership & Board of Directors Curriculum Released

This new curriculum features concise, 10-15 minute, courses that cover the high-level information essential for leaders of financial institutions to know and understand.

31600 – Executive Leadership: Role of the Executive LeadershipEX131601 – Executive Leadership: Importance of Compliance31602 – Executive Leadership: Safety and Soundness31603 – Executive Leadership: Asset Liability Management and Financial Risk31604 – Executive Leadership: Business Continuity and Operational RiskEX231605 – Executive Leadership: Ethics31606 – Executive Leadership: Information Security31607 – Executive Leadership: Complaint Management31608 – Executive Leadership: Community ResponsibilityEX331609 – Executive Leadership: Fair Lending and UDAAP31610 – Executive Leadership: BSA, AML, and Terrorist Financing31611 – Executive Leadership: Strategic Planning31612 – Executive Leadership: Rules and Regulations for Insiders31613 – Executive Leadership: NDIPs for Management
A complete list of all redesigned courses can be found here.

New Learning Manager Capabilities

Introducing “Position by Name” and “Organization by Name” in People Groups. With the addition of these fields, you can now assign training to users if their position or organization title contains or starts with a specific keyword, rather than having to manually type in these fields one-by-one which can be time consuming.

Regulatory Spotlight: Fifth Pillar of BSA

In 2016, FinCEN introduced the “fifth pillar” of BSA compliance: Customer Due Diligence, also known as the Beneficial Ownership Rule. All financial institutions are required to be in compliance with this rule by May 2018. To assist you with compliance, we’ve added information on Customer Due Diligence to several courses:

30323 – CIP Procedures and Protections
30501 – BSA and AML: Comprehensive
30502 – BSA and AML: Essentials
20107 – CIP: Customer Information and Verification

In addition, we will be publishing a white paper about Customer Due Diligence that you can easily print out and provide to your employees.

Regulatory Spotlight: HMDA 

Looking for more information on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act? Explore our webinars, white papers, and courses for more details on how HMDA applies to your institution
HMDA, TRID, and More: Navigating Regulatory Change in Mortgage Lending
Preparing for Enhanced HMDA Data Collection Reporting

White Papers
The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

30407B/C/M/N – HMDA: Enhanced Reporting Requirements 
20391/C/M/N – HMDA: Basic Compliance 
20390/C/M/N – HMDA: Basic Information
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