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How do the new “Assign On” fields in rules work?

The new “Assign On” fields have been added to your current active, draft, and closed rules; however, by default these dates were all set equivalent to the start date of the rule they’re under. “Assign On” fields are not editable once the rule has processed and the selected date has passed, so these fields may not be editable in your current rules unless your rule is in draft status, or has a future start date.

For all rules you create going forward, “Assign On” dates are now required fields you select under step 4 of the rule creation process. Once you activate the rule, you can edit these dates up until they pass, after which they become ‘read only.’

For all rules you copy going forward, the “Assign On” fields will automatically be reset to blank in the draft rule created, allowing you to choose new dates.

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How do the new “Assign On” fields in rules differ from “Start Dates?”

Rule “Start Dates” were initially designed to activate the rule and assign training all on the same day.  The new “Assign On” fields essentially separate these tasks.  For all new rules created or copied forward, rule “Start Dates” will simply act as the activation date of the rule itself, while the “Assign On” fields within the rule are the true course assignment dates

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What happens when BAI retires a course?

BAI courses that were set to be retired end of 2022 have been extended through Friday, January 20th, 2023.  After this date, any course left over on students’ “My Dashboard” will launch to an error message. Please ensure all training is complete, and remove or replace these courses in your rules before this date.  A full list of retirements and recommended replacements can be found Here.   Learn more by accessing our Retirements FAQ.

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What process does BAI follow to review and update its courseware?

BAI has a very thorough update and review process. Our content development team monitors different regulatory agencies, including the CFPB, Fed, FDIC, NCUA, the IRS, and FinCEN, and meets to do a weekly review of updates and clarifications that affect our courseware. Each new update that comes out – Proposed Rule, Final Rule, Guidance, Announcement, etc. – is individually reviewed. During this process, we review the Federal Register (or agency website, CFR, etc.) and determine which of our courses, if any, will be affected by these changes. Based on these findings, we make additions to our project plans based on the comments due, effective, and mandatory dates of the affected regulations.

With these changes, we make the necessary updates to our existing courseware, or develop new courseware when the situation demands it. We work closely with our experts to ensure that our courses accurately reflect changes to the regulations. Based on their input, our content team breaks this information down into digestible language, and creates real-life scenarios for different job categories based on updated information. We then update Course Content, Fast Tracks, Pretests, Job Aids and Comprehension Tests to ensure that the content of the update is truly absorbed by the user – not just a chunk of information shoe-horned into the course.

Once regulatory updates have undergone our extensive quality assurance process, they are released to our clients at least 90 days before mandatory compliance dates (when possible). In the meantime, we often alert customers of updates before they are released – via Alerts, Webinars, or L&D Connect items, newsletters, 90-Days, and more. In most cases, our team expedites the update process as much as possible in order to ensure that our clients are receiving the updated information as soon as possible. After the process is complete, clients are notified of course releases on the web and via email.

In terms of how to identify which courses/regulations have recently been updated, check out our 90-Day Regulatory Outlook and Alerts Now pages on L&D Connect, which are updated monthly. Also available to you is our “What’s New, What’s Updated” section, providing in-depth courseware update information the day after a release.

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What report will show me just the latest completion statuses of certain courses taken over the last year?

Assuming all training was assigned via rules, the best option is to run the Rule Compliance Report – Export. Run this report to view just the latest completions statues for assigned courses, and then filter the results down by course in excel to show just the course results you need.

  1. Click Reports under the menu.
  2. Launch the Rule Compliance Report – Export (4th report down on the reports desk).
  3. Click None Selected next to the Rule field.
  4. Select Show Active Rules Only, although this can be changed at your discretion if some of your rules closed earlier in the year.
  5. Click Apply Filter.
  6. Click Select All.
  7. Click Execute Search.
  8. Click on the popup to open the report in excel.
  9. In Excel, hold Ctrl + A to highlight all results.
  10. Click on the Data tab.
  11. Click on the Filter option.
  12. Click the downward facing arrow next to top of column G (course title), deselect the “Select All” checkbox, and select only the courses you need to report on.
  13. Click Ok.
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What report will show me a current list of incomplete / overdue training?

You can pull incomplete or overdue data for the training year by running the Quick Status Report (QSR).

  1. Click on Reports under the menu
  2. Launch the Quick Status Report
  3. Select Incomplete Training (or Overdue Training) from the Training dropdown menu
  4. Enter a Date Range (all rule assignments with a due date in between this date range will be included in the results. To include manually assigned items, check the box “Include Individual Learning Plan Items Not Assigned by a Rule)
  5. Click Execute Search
  6. Export your results by clicking XLSX
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Can I reopen a closed rule?

Once a rule closes it cannot be reopened. However, you may copy that closed rule over as an extension if needed, to re-assign training to those who didn’t finish training. This video will walk you through the steps of copying a closed rule.

Note: If your rule close before users finished training, and you intend to copy the rule as an extension of the current year’s training, then do not enable the “Add a year to all requirements” setting during the copying process. This leaves in place the current “Don’t Assign If Passing Score Obtained After” dates, ensuring users that have already successfully completed courses will not be re-assigned them.

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