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What is the expected behavior of BAI’s timed harassment courses?

  • Learners must spend the required amount of time in the course before the Final Test becomes unlocked and they are allowed to take it; so 60 minutes and 120 minutes depending on the course
  • When the Learner clicks into a new section their time in the course is recorded and saved at that point only. I.E. as they click through the course the time is saved as they first go into each section.
  • Thus if they sit in one section for an extended period of time and exit the course before clicking to the next section the time they spent in that section will be lost upon relaunch of the course
  • Also if they leave a course open in a tab and click away from it the time spent in course will stop accruing
  • Because of this Learners are encouraged to spend time on each page as they go through it and not just click to the end and wait for the timer. Or sit in one section and wait for the timer.
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What happens to users in progress with a course when BAI pushes an update?

BAI automatically, and periodically pushes courseware updates to BAI Cloud Hosting clients every few months. This ensures the content you’re viewing remains up-to-date with the latest regulatory information. Users who are in the middle of a course at the time BAI makes these over-the-air updates will lose their progress, and be taken back to the beginning of the course next time they launch it. Most BAI courses however (with the exception of mini-courses, and certain time-locked harassment courses) allow users to skip to the part of the course they last left off at via the course menu.

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Do I need to whitelist any addresses?

BAI recommends whitelisting the following addresses to ensure a seamless course launching experience:

Essential addresses to whitelist:

Other address you may need to whitelist:

  • – Professional Skills courses
  • – Professional Skills courses
  • – Professional Skills courses
  • – MS Office 2019 & 365 courses
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Can I request access to a BAI course script?

Yes, BAI allows access to its course scripts in certain instances such as audits, regulatory examinations, screen reader use, etc. To officially request a course script(s), please fill out our course script request form. Follow the instructions at the top of the document and send the completed form to your relationship manager.

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Where can I find a list of updates made to BAI courseware?

Visit BAI’s resource center “L&D Connect” to view a list of compliance or professional development courseware updates made. Browse by month, or download the “list view” and sort by course title to group course updates together. There, we detail what slide was updated, along with the day it was updated.

Note: you may need to compare your delivery date with when the course is listed as having been updated. All clients receive courseware updates periodically throughout the year to ensure your students are taking the latest version. If you are not taking advantage of BAI’s cloud hosting service, your courses will be redelivered for you to re-upload into your LMS. Clients using BAI’s cloud hosting service however receive updates automatically during these update cycles.

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