Skills Tracking Report FAQs (CPs only)

What impact does updating skill data today have on prior completions?

With the new skill synchronization feature, any new skills added today will be what are reflected in the skills tracking report, and throughout the Learning Manager.  Skill synchronization provides flexibility so you can:

  1. Add skill data today, and start reporting on it tomorrow – The data you enter in this field across your custom web-based training will begin to populate in the new skills tracking report for all successfully completed course, even those completed years ago. If you have not used skills before, there’s no better time to try out the feature.
  2. Edit, fix, or re-organize skill data at any time – since the skills tracking report will be continually updating to only reflect current skills data on courses, you can worry less about what skills were listed on a course at the time the user completed it, or what skills were added to courses, when, and by who. If you see a mistake, a typo, or just decide to reorganize your skills list across courses, you can do so without the skills tracking report showing discrepancies after the edits. Of course, you can always take a snapshot of skill completion data by running the Skills Tracking Report and exporting the results.

How can I take advantage of the new Skills Tracking Report?

If you’d like to take advantage of these new features as they relate to your custom courses, you can add skills to your custom training (up to 5 per course) either by selecting from a default list of skills BAI uses for its own courseware, or creating new ones.  As of March, all skill data added will start to make an appearance in the new Skills Tracking Report for successfully completed courses.

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