Learning Manager

This pages serves to highlight BAI’s Learning Management System, a few details of the enhancements being made, and Learning Manager technical support details. View a summary of each topic below, or access full pages to go into more detail.

Benefits of using BAI’s Learning Manager

  • One-of-a-kind collaborative tool that helps you develop and document training selections more efficiently (Training Insights).
  • Assignment engine designed for automated and highly targeted training plans.
  • Customizable course settings, including retake limits, manager approval, prerequisites, & hide from catalog.

  • Easy-to-use interface prioritizing required training.

  • Track learners’ different statuses in a course (Assigned, In-Progress, Unsuccessful, Successful).

  • A new Centralized Policy Repository for learners to quickly reference and / or pin your organization’s documents & resources to their dashboard.

  • Skills tracking and profile badges – Career Pathing.

  • Report completions that align with regulatory examination needs, + QLA data on custom courses.
  • Various email notifications to help drive student completions, including manager notifications.
  • Full HRIS Integration.

  • + More!