Learning Manager Enhancements

Our Learning & Development team continuously works hard to provide clients the best experience using the BAI Learning Manager. As such, we undergo bi-weekly maintenance releases to roll out important bug fixes and enhancements. Check out this page weekly for overviews of recent enhancements, and progress on exciting upcoming projects. 

Upcoming Projects

(Progress bars depict a relative estimated time frame of new feature releases.  –  Last updated 06.30.22)

Additional Help Options & Direct Access to L&D Connect under "?" Icons in Admin UI – Coming July
TA Ability to Add Skills Directly to Custom Content – Coming Soon
Redesigned Layout when Creating/Editing Content – Coming Soon

BAI Documents & Resources – Released Spring ’22

Recent Enhancements


BAI Catalog Search Improvements   (07/01/2022)

Finding the right course can be difficult, particularly when there are hundreds of courses to choose from… but it does not have to be. Over the last year we have made tens of thousands of individual updates to help users and training administrators alike find the right training to take or assign. A high-level view of just some of the many improvements made can found below: 1

  • Search – various catalog search improvements have been implemented, including the addition of many new searchable terms (regulation names, acronyms, synonyms, and related keywords), quick access to a list of BAI’s 20 most popular courses (simply type “popular” in the catalog search bar), and a more tailored course results list with every search.
  • Topics – this field recently underwent a top to bottom overhaul in every courseware library. Each topic was thoroughly vetted against BAI’s course scripts; refined to ensure only the best, most relevant course results appear when filtering by this field. Additionally, new and more commonly requested topics have been added, including all official BAI “series” and “curriculums” released over the years for quick access to those sets of courses.
  • Skills – a brand new list of skills has been added in the Professional Skills and Leadership Innovation courseware libraries, along with many revisions to the compliance courseware library. Each have been thoroughly vetted to provide you an alternative way to filter for professional development courseware; grouping courses together to help assign based on skills users are learning.
  • Interactivity – A new “Accessible” filter has been added to show courses using BAI’s new, enhanced accessibility template. These courses provide various accessibility features:
    • Keyboard accessibility, including access to a list of keyboard shortcuts
    • Custom Focus Order/Tab order so screen readers and keyboards will follow content in a logical order
    • Closed captioning available for all video and audio
    • User ability to control video and audio (does not auto-play)
    • Font color follows WCAG 2.1 AA contrast standards (4.5:1)
    • Zoom settings for the slide (not just the player)
    • Accessible text which uses HTML and allows users to use custom stylesheets or browser extensions to change how the text displays
    • Use of alternate text for images that are not decorative
  • Notes – this field appears next to every course and is used to show BAI’s newest and most popular courseware. Recent changes now define these labels as:
    • “New” – courses released within the last 12 months (updated bi-annually).
    • “Popular” – updated to show BAI’s 20 most popular compliance courses based on user completion data across our system (updated bi-annually).  Tip: type “Popular” in the catalog search bar when logged into the BAI Learning Manager to find.
  • Documents – BAI documents derived from a BAI course include the parent course details right in the description of the document.
  • + refreshed course tile images across all libraries, various bug fixes, and so much more!

Of course, there are many more ways to filter and browse for content in the BAI catalog. Those mentioned are just a handful of the most recent improvements designed to improve the search experience, but many more projects are on the way which are sure to have an effect on the way you interact with our catalog. 

1 Note: To filter for courses using any of the attributes listed above, access the Course Catalog after logging into the BAI Learning manager, or click on any of the following links to view in our public library: Banking, Credit Union, Mortgage, Nonbank, Professional Skills, or Leadership Innovation. Attributes reside on the left-hand side of the page.


Students’ Ability to Download Certain BAI Documents  (06/21/2022)

A few weeks ago, we released an update that allowed students to download custom pdf documents training administrators upload into the BAI Learning Manager. Since then, we have added the ability for students to download certain BAI documents. For now, these include documents with the title classification of “worksheet” and “checklist.” To download one of these document types, launch a worksheet or checklist from the catalog and click the “Download” button in the upper right corner of the pdf viewing window (see preview).

Additional Columns Added to the User Data Report (UDR)  (06/15/2022)

Several updates have been made to the User Data Report (UDR), including the renaming and reordering of certain reporting columns, and the addition of even more user profile-related reporting columns. Now, training administrators can pull any field that exists on users’ profiles into this report via the Field Chooser. Added columns include:

  • Alt. Manager Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • Country/Region
  • Person Status
  • Person Type
  • State
  • Time Zone
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Foreign Sys Key (FSK) – HRIS related

Students’ Ability to Download Custom PDF Documents  (05/18/2022)

Since the release of Documents & Resources, BAI has seen an incredible response from training administrators uploading their own content into the BAI Learning Manager – documents such as policies, manuals, checklists, worksheets, agendas, and other important resources. With the re-design came many improvements such as a more centralized policy repository, the ability to track document views via a new report, and so much more. Today, we are adding students’ ability to download custom pdf documents to this list of improvements. Now, when a student is viewing a custom pdf they want to download they can simply click the “Download” button in the upper right corner of the pdf viewing window (see preview).

Improved Loading Times under Rules’ “History” tabs  (05/05/2022)

A few years ago, BAI released a feature within rules allowing training administrators to view the entire history of changes made under the General, People, Content, and Dates tabs. Over time, longer audit trails have created slower loading times for clients; however, we’ve recently released an update to the History tabs that adds pagination (showing a maximum 10 rows per page) which will lead to faster loading times for clients with rules containing lengthier audit trails.

New Document Search Modal  (04/20/2022)

Previously, searching for documents to attach to courses as resources entailed browsing through a drop-down list of hundreds of documents. Now, training administrators have a better way to search with a new document search modal (see preview). With this new modal training administrators will be able to search or browse by library, content type, or by typing in keywords which will greatly improve the document search process.

URLs set to “Launch with content” now Launch simultaneously with Courses  (04/06/2022)

We have updated the launch functionality of URLs attached to courses when they’re set to “launch with content.” Previously, URLs set to “launch with content” in a course would open in a new tab and required users exit out of that tab before the course launches. After receiving client feedback, we’ve adjusted the functionality to be more intuitive with both the URL and course now opening simultaneously upon launch.


Improved Window Open/Close Behavior on Custom Documents  (03/23/2022)

We’ve improved window open/close behavior on most document types in the Learning Manager. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for example will now download in the same browser tab from which they are launched. URLs and PNGs will also now open in 1 new tab rather than needing to open 2. This enhancement does not affect how documents & resources are tracked in transcripts, or reported on in the Document Data Report. Pdfs, mp3s, and mp4s are excluded from this update for functionality purposes.  

Updated Existing Documents with New Tile Image   (03/09/2022)

All custom documents have been retroactively updated to use the new default document tile image

Ability to Distribute Custom Documents   (02/23/2022)

Training Administrators and Managers alike now have the ability to distribute custom documents to users. This new functionality enables:

  • Training Administrators to add custom documents to Rules, or manually distribute them to individual learners via the View Assignment modal
  • Managers to distribute custom documents to individual direct reports, or multiple direct reports via the Add Assignment to Team modal

Create & Edit Custom Documents under the Content tab   (02/23/2022)

All custom documents have been moved from the Management tab to the Content tab in the Administration section. Creating new documents will also be located under this tab going forward. The added benefits of moving custom documents to the Content tab include:

  • Enhanced Search – ability to browse, filter, sort, and search for your content all in one place
  • New Document Fields – Codes, Descriptions, Start & End Dates, Expected Duration, Hide from Catalog and Search, Catalog Taxonomy (categorize your custom documents into a Policies or Custom category, and various customizable sub-categories.), and new Document Tile Images

Students ability to Browse Custom Documents   (02/23/2022)

Previously, looking for custom documents in the BAI catalog was restricted to search only.  Now, along with BAI’s documents & resources, students can now browse your organization’s custom documents & resources by clicking the “Documents” button at the top of their My Dashboard page. Documents & resources will be broken out into different libraries including:

  • Policies – a mix of polices created by both BAI,  and any your organization creates that you’ve categorized as a policy
  • BAI Series Documents – a collection of more than 200 BAI Documents & Resources (overviews, videos, URLs, checklists, government forms, worksheets, etc.), and
  • Custom Documents –  these include all documents & resources created by your organization that aren’t policies


Document Results added to the Rule Audit Report (RAR)   (12/16/2021)

With Training Administrators now able to distribute documents via rules, we’ve updated the Rule Audit Report (RAR) to include document results. Now, when you run this report and export to Excel, you will see a “Content” tab listing both your assigned courses and distributed documents.  A new “Content Type” column has also been added to Excel results to help distinguish content. 

Ability to Distribute BAI Documents   (12/03/2021)

As part of BAI’s Documents and Resources project, Training Administrators and Managers alike now have the ability to distribute BAI documents to users. This new functionality enables:

  • Training Administrators to add BAI documents to Rules, or manually distribute them to individual learners via the View Assignment modal
  • Managers to distribute BAI documents to individual direct reports, or multiple direct reports via the Add Assignment to Team modal

Distributed documents display in users’ “My Documents” list on their My Dashboard page. As a reminder, all Training Administrators and Managers have access to a new Document Data Report, allowing you to track document and resource views.

New Content Search Modals   (11/22/2021)

BAI’s content search modals across the UI have been completely re-built to provide managers and training administrators a better, more unified and accurate search experience. Whether you’re adding content to rules, users’ assignments, or to decision reports in training insights, you can now search courses by Library, Content Type, and Keywords entered now pull exact match results. Managers also receive a completely re-designed, faster, “Add Assignment to Team” modal that makes batch assigning courses a breeze, and training administrators now have the ability to add due dates right within the “Add New” modal when manually assigning training via the View Assignments on users’ profiles.

Added 200 New Documents & Resources to the BAI Learning Manager  (10/04/2021)

All BAI Learning Manager customers now have access to more than 200 BAI documents – key content such as topic overviews, checklists, red flags, whitepapers, videos, and popular job aids like “How to Complete a SAR” and “How to Complete a CTR.”  These highly requested documents taken straight from BAI’s compliance and professional development courseware allow students to quickly pin and reference important material without having to relaunch courses to find them.

New “Documents” Button added to the My Dashboard Page   (10/04/2021)

Students can quickly access BAI’s resources via a new “Documents” button, located at the top of the My Dashboard page in the BAI Learning Manager.  Browse compliance, professional development, or policy related documents and resources by category, or click “View all results” next to a library to reveal the entire list of new documents. Filter by Skills, Topics, Expected Duration, Interactivity, or Content Type (Pdf, Word, Excel, URL, etc.).

Ability to Pin Documents to the My Dashboard Page via “Add to My Documents” Button  (10/04/2021)

When searching or browsing for documents, users can pin key resources to their My Dashboard page by clicking a heart icon, titled “Add to My Documents,” next to search results. Hearted documents will stay on students’ My Dashboard page for them to reference until they decide to un-heart it.

Document Data Report  (10/04/2021)

We are introducing a new report called the “Document Data Report” – your go-to report for documents. It displays all student viewing data for BAI policy and resource documents, and custom documents uploaded by your organization (available later this year) within a given date range.

Centralized Policy Repository – New

Learn More

Now Available!

BAI’s new Custom Documents functionality gives you the ability to integrate your custom policies into our catalog, creating a centralized policy repository for your learners and allowing them to quickly reference and save your organizational content important to their role.

Below are just a few key benefits that an effective policy repository will bring to your institution’s policy and procedure communications.

  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Integrated with other content
  • Single-Source-of-Truth
  • Easy Sharing
  • Flexible version control

Is your organization doing enough to communicate and share policies and procedures?

Highlights from Prior Years

Student Dashboard

On December 10th, 2020 BAI redesigned the student dashboard to provide a more engaging experience for students, improve intuitiveness, and provide clear messaging, all while maintaining the focus on assigned required training.

BAI Career Pathing

Career Pathing is a solution that enables Training Administrators to establish clear career advancement goals for users. Group together courses, and identify the skills, knowledge, and experience required for targeted career development.

BAI Training Insights

Experience a better way to plan training with BAI Training Insights, a unique innovative tool in the BAI Learning Manager that helps you and other members at your organization develop and document training selections more efficiently. 

Catalog Search

Key improvements to catalog search have been made, including the addition of course and suggested terms type ahead results. Users can also browse by library categories, and filter by skills, topics, interactive, content type, and continuing education credit.

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