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Subject:  Technical Support in 2022

As we make our way through 2022, we want to make sure our customers are as well supported as possible. Whether you’re running reports to check up on user training progress, creating rules, or building new courses, BAI has various resources to help you accomplish what you need:

As always, if you have questions about any of these topics, please feel free to reach out to your relationship manager. We are committed to ensuring all your needs are met!

Please Note:  we will be closed Friday, July 1st, and Monday, July 4th for the Independence Day holiday.


Subject:  Error Attempting to Launch Certain Custom Documents

On March 23rd BAI released an update that improved window open/close behavior on most document types in the Learning Manager. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for example now download in the same browser tab from which they are launched, URLs and PNGs now open in 1 new tab rather than needing to open 2, etc.  With this update however, all documents with file names containing special characters may encounter an error next time users try to launch them. To make sure this does not happen to your users, please re-name any document files containing special characters and re-upload into the Learning Manager.  Special characters to avoid include @, $, &, or spaces.  Allowable characters are alphanumeric (A-Z and 0-9), hyphen (-), and underscore (_).

See instructions on how to Edit Content or Create a New Document in the Learning Manager if needed.


Ability to Distribute Custom Documents  (Released February 23rd, 2022)

Custom documents has moved from the Management tab to the Content tab in the Administration section. All custom document already uploaded were moved automatically, and creating new documents are now located under this tab. The added benefits of moving custom documents to the Content tab include:

  • Enhanced Search (ability to browse, filter, sort, and search for your content all in one place)
  • New Document Fields (Codes, Descriptions, Start & End Dates, Expected Duration, Hide from Catalog and Course Search, Catalog Taxonomy, and new Document Tile Images)

Training Administrators and Managers alike also now have the ability to distribute custom documents to users. This new functionality enables:

  • Training Administrators to add custom documents to Rules, or manually distribute them to individual learners via the View Assignment modal
  • Managers to distribute custom documents to individual direct reports, or multiple direct reports via the Add Assignment to Team modal

Additionally, Students can browse your custom documents via the “Documents” button at the top of their My Dashboard page. Training Administrators can categorize their custom documents into a Policies or Custom category, and various customizable sub-categories.

Ability to Distribute BAI Documents  (Released December 3rd, 2021)

As part of BAI’s Documents and Resources project, Training Administrators and Managers alike now have the ability to distribute BAI documents to users. This new functionality enables:

  • Training Administrators to add BAI documents to Rules, or manually distribute them to individual learners via the View Assignment modal
  • Managers to distribute BAI documents to individual direct reports, or multiple direct reports via the Add Assignment to Team modal

Distributed documents display in users’ “My Documents” list on their My Dashboard page. As a reminder, all Training Administrators and Managers have access to a new Document Data Report, allowing you to track document and resource views.

200 New BAI Documents & Resources  (Released October 4th, 2021)

We have expanded the documents and resources available to you beyond our courseware. Key content such as topic overviews, checklists, red flags, whitepapers, job aides, videos, and highly requested forms such as SARs and CTRs are now readily available to you and your learners.

More than 200 BAI documents & resources have been added to the BAI Learning Manager to view. Learners can search for these important resources via the student catalog, and pin them to their dashboard under a new “My Documents” section for quick access simply by clicking a heart icon. To accompany this, Training Administrators have been given access to a new report to help identify which topics and resources have been reviewed most, potentially highlighting trends within your organization.

All BAI Learning Manager customers have automatically received complimentary access to these new Documents and Resources Library, released October 4th, 2021.


Subject:  Content Search modals across the LMS may be displaying a “Custom Catalog” library

In November of last year we released a new content search modal across our LMS, providing managers and training administrators a better, more unified search experience when looking up content to add in rules, users’ view assignments, etc. As a result of this enhancement we now display a Library dropdown filter, and some clients have noticed a new “Custom Catalog” library (see preview). Not to be confused with the “Custom Content” library, the “Custom Catalog” library only appears when there is a collection of custom content that do not contain categories or subcategories (most likely courses that were created prior our implementation of these catalog taxonomy fields).

As a best practice, we advise taking note of all content that shows up under this “Custom Catalog” library (select the library in any content search modal and click “Go”), and then adding catalog taxonomy to that custom content. Once all custom content is corrected, this “Custom Catalog” library will be removed from the Library dropdown in content search modals across the UI.


Subject #1:  Duplicating results under the I-Design Course Summary Report because Assessment Screen names aren’t unique

When creating an I-Design course, please make sure to use unique Screen Names for Assessment Screens (example: Question 1, Question 2, etc.). When creating a new Assessment Screen it’s titled “New Assessment Screen” by default, but leaving the name as is for all your questions may cause duplicating results in the I-Design Course Summary Report. The reason is because the Screen Name for Assessment Screens is the unique identifier, used to distinguish the questions in this report. If you have mistakenly used the same name across Assessment Screens, any completions taken up until now will not retroactively fix in the report after updating and re-publishing the course in I-Design; however, fixing it will ensure it does not happen for users’ future attempts.

Note: this does not affect other reports like the Training Data Report, Quick Status Report, or Rule Compliance Report. This only affects the question-level analytics report – “I-Design Course Summary Report.”

Subject #2:  Some users are experiencing issues with I-Design courses opening to a “loading…” message on the first page.

In this situation, an I-Design course will preview fine within the I-Design editor, but viewing within the catalog after it’s published (or even when using the Publish Preview feature) results in a “loading…” message on the first page. The person viewing the course also cannot navigate to the next page. The issue can be attributed to an improper video file name (examples: containing special characters, more than 25 characters long, etc.)  Correcting the file name, re-uploading the video(s), and re-publishing should resolve this issue.

In general, we recommend the following for videos:

  • Video container file format MP4 (aka ISO/IEC 14496-12 format)
  • “Fast start” option enabled (aka MOOV atom placed at start of file)
  • No spaces in filename, dashes or underscores instead, max 25 characters, filename ends with “.mp4”
  • Video codec: H.264 High profile (aka AVC)
  • Video max resolution 1280×720
  • Max video frame rate 30 fps
  • Recommended video bit-rate 1-2 Mbps
  • Use quality-based variable bit-rate encoding for best results (for example use the –crf 23 option in X.264-based encoders like ffmpeg or handbrake)
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Audio sample rate 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, or 24 kHz
  • Max 2 audio channels (stereo)
  • Audio bit-rate 64-128 kbps


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I have dealt with many of the BAI Support Specialists over the last 2 years. To a fault they are incredibly competent, helpful, patient individuals. I have no idea how you put together such an amazing team. Your training software is great, I enjoy the use of the platform. I must be honest though, without the incredible support of the product on the back end by your support team, I’ve got nothing. Support rules with SaaS, and certainly dictates any thought of a continued relationship.”
Andrew Flynn, Tidewater Mortgage Services, Inc.


Your support team is always very helpful and courteous.  Great service from everyone at BAI as always!

Ata Durukan, First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana

I have spoken from time to time with probably all of your customer support specialists. They have always given excellent customer service. I have worked with other companies and can say without a doubt that this group is highly professional and always makes sure that the I am satisfied. I give them 10 stars… It is a pleasure working with them.

Tracie Killian, Community Bank of Texas


BAI was helpful and wonderful to work with. I appreciate their professionalism and willingness to help me. The person who was doing the BAI admin here at the bank quit recently and there was not much training prior to her leaving. This helped me out of a bind in a situation that was immediate.

Penney Hemby, City National Bank of Sulphur Springs, Tx