Our SSO certificate is expiring soon, do I need to provide BAI with anything to ensure a seamless transition to our new certificate?

SAML SSO clients have two options when sending us your meta data. The first and BAI preferred option is to send us a link for it. With this option when the certificate updates that information is passed automatically to BAI. The second option is to send us an actual file with your meta data that we then upload on our end. With this option we do not automatically get what we need when a certificate is updated on your end, requiring you to send us a new file to be uploaded on our end.

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Does BAI integrate with my Single Sign On provider?

BAI offers a Single-Sign On solution using the SAML 2.0 standard. Common Identity Providers we support include: Active Directory Federation Services, Azure Active Directory, Okta, Google Workspace, and others.  If you do not see your provider, please contact your organization’s relationship manager to confirm your Identity Provider is compatible.


View SSO integration instructions here.

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