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How do all the different document types launch in the Learning Manager?

These are all of the different documents types available in the BAI Learning Manager, and how they launch:

  • excel – downloads, opens in Excel
  • mp3 – opens a new tab, then new window
  • mp4 – opens a new tab, then new window
  • pdf – opens a new tab, then new window
  • url – opens in new tab
  • word – downloads, opens in Word
  • other – depends on the file
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What do “LIL” and “PS” abbreviations mean next to documents on L&D Connect?

When viewing the “What’s New, What’s Coming” section on L&D Connect’s Documents & Resources page, some documents are listed with a “LIL” or “PS” abbreviation. All documents without an abbreviation are available to you in the BAI Learning Manager. Those denoted with an abbreviation however, mean:

  • LIL = Leadership Innovation Library Documents  (exclusive to clients who subscribe to the Leadership Innovation Library)
  • PS = Professional Skills Library Documents   (exclusive to clients who subscribe to the Professional Skills Library)

Contact your relationship manager to learn more about these valuable resources, including pricing information and any other questions you may have.

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Can students download Documents and Resources in the BAI Learning Manager?

Yes! For custom documents uploaded into the BAI Learning Manager, if the document type is Word, Excel, or PPT it will download and open within its own program upon launch; meanwhile, PDFs open in a viewing window and display a “Download” button in the upper right corner of the page for students (see preview). As for BAI Documents & Resources, select document types such as worksheets and checklists are made available with a “Download” button as well.

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What are BAI Documents and Resources?

BAI Documents and Resources are a collection of overviews, checklists, red flags, whitepapers, job aids, videos, and other highly requested content such as SARs and CTRs curated by BAI. For a full list of BAI Documents & Resources, click here to take you to the Documents & Resources page of BAI L&D Connect, and click under the “List View” tab.

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Why did we create BAI Documents and Resources?

BAI’s Documents and Resources functionality is the next step in BAI’s ability to support more than just courseware. BAI’s Documents and Resources leverage the BAI Learning Manager’s ability to view PDFs, videos, and URLs so that job aids, checklists, and policies can be searched for, viewed, distributed, and tracked. To help get you started BAI has added more than 300 Documents and Resources to our existing libraries, as well as created a suggested catalog structure for custom documents

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What are the benefits of using BAI Documents and Resources?

  • Quick References — Learners can search the catalog and add these important resources to their student dashboard for quick one-click access
  • Centralized Policy Repository — Store all your organization’s policies and procedures in one centralized portal with the rest of your training
  • Real-Time Reporting — Training Administrators and Managers can distribute and track user views to help identify which topics or resources have been reviewed most, potentially highlighting trends within your organization
  • Additional Content — Access to a library of BAI maintained Documents
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Am I able to distribute documents the same way I do courses?

Yes. Currently, TAs and Managers can distribute all documents and resources manually or via rules just like courses. Distributed documents are added to students’ “My Documents” section on their My Dashboard page. Keep in mind that these items are not considered required assignments; they do not contain due dates and students can drop them from their dashboard at their discretion.

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How does the “My Documents” functionality work?

The new My Documents section in the student dashboard allows learners to save and quickly access documents and resources that are important to them. It can include documents added by students themselves if they click “Add to My Documents” next to documents in the catalog, and documents managers and training administrators may have distributed to them. Regardless the source, students may drop documents from their My Documents section if they no longer wish to view the material.

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