How do the new “Assign On” fields in rules work?

The new “Assign On” fields have been added to your current active, draft, and closed rules; however, by default these dates were all set equivalent to the start date of the rule they’re under. “Assign On” fields are not editable once the rule has processed and the selected date has passed, so these fields may not be editable in your current rules unless your rule is in draft status, or has a future start date.

For all rules you create going forward, “Assign On” dates are now required fields you select under step 4 of the rule creation process. Once you activate the rule, you can edit these dates up until they pass, after which they become ‘read only.’

For all rules you copy going forward, the “Assign On” fields will automatically be reset to blank in the draft rule created, allowing you to choose new dates.

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How do “Assign On” fields in rules differ from “Start Dates?”

Rule “Start Dates” were initially designed to activate the rule and assign training all on the same day.  The new “Assign On” fields essentially separate these tasks.  For all new rules created or copied forward, rule “Start Dates” will simply act as the activation date of the rule itself, while the “Assign On” fields within the rule are the true course assignment dates

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What are “Don’t assign if passing score obtained after” dates in rules, and what should they be set to?

This field directs the rule to accept all successful completions from the transcript of a user on or after a certain date. It ensures users will be marked complete for the rule you’re working on, and not be re-assigned the course from other rules as well in instances where rule assignments overlap. By default, the date will equal the start date of your rule. You may leave it as is or enter the earliest date you began assigning training this year.

Note: Do not enter future dates under these fields for any of your active rules as users will not otherwise receive credit for their successful completions. If you’ve mistakenly entered future dates in these fields simply move them back to one of the recommended dates listed, save the rule, and within a few minutes the system will retroactively grant users credit for their successful completions.

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Why haven’t my rules processed this morning?

Active rules process automatically each morning, sometime between 4am – 9am CST. To verify when a rule last processed, click under the Rules tab in Administration, and review the “Last Processed” column. If your rules have not processed by 9am CST, it could be due to the following:

  1. The start date / start time of your rule is set in the future. To verify the day and time your rule is set to start click under the Rules tab in Administration, search for and Edit the rule, and click the clock icon next to the Start Date field. If it is set to any day / time in the future the rule will not process until then, unless moved back.
  2. The rule processing schedule is running behind. Occasionally, it may take more than the usual amount of time for the rule processing schedule to run, either due to a high number of rules opening on the same day, or other back-end reasons. It’s important to note your rules will still run the same day, likely just at a later time. We appreciate your patience.*

* Tip: If your start dates / times were set up correctly and your rules didn’t process, do not try to manually process your rules. The automatic rule processing schedule completes first, followed by any rules training administrators tried to manually process. This means any manually processed rules will be put at the very end of the rule processing queue and likely take longer to complete.

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Why haven’t assignment notifications gone out yet?

Assignment notifications are sent out once each morning between 6am – 10am CST, after the automatic rule processing schedule completes. They include assignment changes made the day prior (new manually assigned courses, or course additions to rules), and assignments from rules with start dates of the current day. If assignment notifications have not gone out by 10am CST, either:

  1. The rule was not set up correctly (check the People tab in the rule, click “Preview Results” to ensure users are being pulled in)*,
  2. Users do not have the Email Address field filled out on their profiles,
  3. Our emails are being sent to your spam filter (whitelist “” to ensure this doesn’t happen),
  4. The assignment notification is not enabled for your organization (this is less likely as assignment notifications are enabled by default, a TA at your organization would have had to request it be turned off), or
  5. Our emails are delayed (it is rare for assignment notifications not to be sent out before 10am CST, but if it does occur, they are usually always still sent out, just at a later time the same day).

* If you notice your rule’s people group was not set up right, you can make corrections to the rule and click save. Rules process automatically overnight, and any time you click save within a rule (wait 2-5 min for the process to complete). Users will then receive training momentarily, but the official assignment notification will be sent out the next morning.

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Can I reopen a closed rule?

Once a rule closes it cannot be reopened. However, you may copy that closed rule over as an extension if needed, to re-assign training to those who didn’t finish training. This quick instructional video will walk you through the steps of copying a closed rule.

Note: If your rule close before users finished training, and you intend to copy the rule as an extension of the current year’s training, then do not enable the “Add a year to all requirements” setting during the copying process. This leaves in place the current “Don’t Assign If Passing Score Obtained After” dates, ensuring users that have already successfully completed courses will not be re-assigned them.

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How can I change rule assignment due dates for certain people?

A common scenario we come across is that of new hires (or users promoted to a new role) being assigned training later in the year, and their courses are already showing up as past due for them. It’s important to note that rule assignments cannot be edited from the View Assignments window on users’ profiles. If the user requires a different due date than what’s in the rule, you can either:

  1. Waive the assignments in the View Assignments window by clicking “Remove” next to the course(s), OR go to the rule and add criteria to exclude the user from that rule altogether, AND
  2. Manually assign the course(s) back with new due dates (click the “Add new” link in the upper left corner of the View Assignments window), OR create a new rule specifically for this user with their unique due dates.
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How do I assign training to a new user?

Assuming your organization uses rules to assigning training, review your list of existing rules, determine which ones they need training from, and make sure their profile criteria aligns with the criteria under the rule’s people group. Some organizations require names be manually added to the rule’s people group, while others prefer to use criteria like position or hire date to include users automatically in a rule. If / when the user’s name is listed in the “preview results” (indicating the people group was properly set up), click Save within the rule and check the user’s assignments within a few minutes to verify training has been assigned.

Tip: Rules process and pick up new users automatically overnight, and any time a training administrator clicks Save within a Rule. If you just created a profile today you may have missed the automatic processing schedule rules run on, in which case you can either click Save within the rule to trigger it to process, or wait until the next morning for courses to appear for the user.

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When do people groups process?

People groups (more specifically, people groups created under the People tab in Administration) that are attached to active rules process any time the rule they are a part of processes. This ensures rules are always assigning training to an up-to-date people group.  People groups not attached to active rules do not process on their own, but can be manually processed by clicking the refresh icon next to the people group name under the People tab. Within a few minutes, the refresh will complete and provide you with an updated list of the member audience.

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